The Children’s Board Commitment to our Community


The Children’s Board invests in partnerships and quality programs to support the success of all children and families in Hillsborough County.


It is our vision that Hillsborough County will be recognized as one of the top places in the nation to raise children.

Core Values

The vision, mission, and goals of the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County will be guided by the following core values:


Demonstrating honesty and sincerity in all of our dealings.
Upholding only the highest ethical principles.
Making decisions that reflect the highest standards of proper stewardship and accountability of resources.


Working in full cooperation and mutual support that inspires trust, loyalty, and respect to achieve a common goal.
Creating and maintaining a spirit of service.


Projecting professionalism in everything we do.
Being accountable for our actions.
Delivering every product and service in an outstanding manner.
Developing a quality workforce.
Showing pride in our efforts and the community in which we live and work.


Showing consideration or regard for an individual or institution.
Assessing all people on their merits.
Valuing diversity and accepting individual differences.

We Support programs to help children achieve their fullest potential

The Children’s Board funds innovative programs for our local children.

Family Support
Quality Early Learning
Vision Screenings
Out of School Activities
The Arts
Water Safety


The Children’s Board primarily invests dollars through a competitive grant award process to address four
strategic focus areas.

The Children’s Board evaluates the collective impact and outcomes of our funded programs. In 2021, a total of
108 programs were funded to address the needs of our community. The results of our 2021 performance evaluation are presented in our Annual Report.


Funded programs
contributed to outcomes


Outcomes measured


Outcomes met or exceeded
benchmark targets

Measuring Success

The Children’s Board promotes accountability through our
performance measurement efforts. From gathering information based on local and national research to regularly listening to community stakeholders and program participants, we rely on these insights to help guide our strategic focus. Our funded programs strive to achieve selected outcomes from the four focus areas that are based on the specific services they provide and the participants they serve. To achieve the maximum impact of our funding, the Children’s Board and our funded partners:

  • Provide high-quality services that utilize best practices and evidence-based programming;
  • Collect and analyze data from research-based
    measurement tools;
  • Work in partnership to evaluate overall effectiveness throughout the year;
  • Maintain ongoing communication with families to improve services.