Ombudsman Services

Ombudsman Services

Lydia Medrano (813) 204-1772

In meeting the Children’s Board mission of improving the lives of children and families in Hillsborough County, the Ombudsman Services empower families dealing with complex issues by:

  • Helping families identify needs and resources available to them
  • Creating awareness of the community’s system of care
  •  Advocating for families

Call Ombudsman Services at (813) 204-1772 if you are experiencing challenges receiving services needed by your child and family.

The Children’s Board will help you ensure:

  • The healthy development of your child
  • Your child is ready to learn and succeed
  • Your family is supported and supportive

Community agencies will be supported as well by:

  • Receiving feedback that would not be received otherwise from families
  • Being able to implement strategies to serve the needs of children and families better
  • Being able to respond to particular needs of families with children